Instant Payday Loans versus Traditional Bank Loans

Before going out and applying for a traditional bank loan, people should consider getting payday loans instead. Instant payday loans are a lot easier to get, and they are often all that is needed.

There are many advantages to getting payday loans instead of traditional bank loans.

They are faster, and no collateral is required. Furthermore, there is no need to have exceptional credit in order to qualify for a payday loan. There is also no need to justify the reasons for needing a loan either.

With all of these advantages, it is easy to see why these loans have become so wildly popular in Canada and around the world.

As more people discover how easy they are, more of them are turning to payday loans than ever. A few of the main advantages that payday loans have over traditional loans are highlighted below.

No Collateral is Needed

In order to obtain most traditional loans, people must put down some type of collateral. In the case of an auto loan or a mortgage, property is used as collateral.

When a modest amount of cash is all that is needed, though, a traditional loan just doesn’t make any sense. It would be too involved to come up with collateral for a very small loan, and most traditional banks won’t entertain such requests in the first place.

For easy, no-strings-attached access to cash, instant payday loans are the best options.

Small Amounts are Provided

As mentioned above, traditional banks don’t provide loans for small amounts of money. After all, they need to make money on the loans that they provide.

If the amount that is needed is too small, it won’t be worth the bank’s while. For situations in which a relatively small amount of cash is needed, payday loans are ideal.

Most online payday loan providers offer loans in many different amounts. A person’s specific financial situation will determine the amount that he will be qualified to receive. At any rate, payday loans are ideal for fast cash infusions.

No Credit Check is Performed

After being turned down for traditional loans and credit cards, people with bad credit are tempted to give up entirely. However, payday loans are viable options for them.

That is because credit checks are not performed when a person applies for a payday loan. The payday loan provider is not concerned about a person’s credit history because the loan is sure to be repaid.

The funds will be withdrawn from the person’s bank account on his next payday. That is all the collateral that a payday loan provider needs, and it is excellent news for people with less-than-perfect credit.

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The Process is Quick and Easy

To apply for and receive a traditional bank loan, a person needs to be prepared to spend a lot of time at the bank. He will have to sign huge stacks of paper, and he will have to wade through many confusing documents.

It wouldn’t be worth it to go through all of that for a small amount of cash, which is another reason why payday loans are so nice. Everything is taken care of online.

There is usually no need to fax any documents at all. The payday loan provider can verify a person’s information quickly and easily.

Fast Cash

Upon approval, a person can expect to see the money from his payday loan request in as little as one business day. The same thing can’t usually be said for traditional loans, which often take a long period of time to be fully processed.

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In the meantime, people have to sit around and wait for the money they need. When cash is needed in a short period of time, payday loans are always the best options. From beginning to end, the process is fast and easy.

The money is sent directly to the person’s bank account, and he can then use it as he sees fit.

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