“Is Phillips or Childress next to walk the plank?”

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Several coaches are on the hot seat. Who is next on the firing line?
Green: I think it’s the Cowboys’ Wade Phillips. Dallas is sitting at 4-3 and still is very much in the playoff hunt, but owner Jerry Jones has little patience when his club is failing. Marvin Lewis and Rod Marinelli might seem like more logical choices, but the ownership groups in Cincinnati and Detroit are accustomed to losing. They’re also frugal and unlikely to fire a coach during the season and pay him to stay away from the team. The Cowboys have tough games coming up against the Bucs and Giants leading up to their bye week. If they lose those, expect Phillips to be replaced by offensive coordinator Jason Garrett.

Horton: Phillips may be the sacrificial lamb in Dallas if the Cowboys continue to lose — even though firing him wouldn’t make a lot of sense. The perception is that this talented team is soft, but Garrett won’t provide any more toughness or discipline as a head coach. Brad Childress (Minnesota), Marinelli and Lewis are in deep trouble, but each should make it through the end of the season. Romeo Crennel (Cleveland) and Herm Edwards (Kansas City) also are on the fringes of the discussion, with Mike Holmgren (Seattle) due for

Kretz: The schedule, as much as anything, probably will determine which coach gets the next pink slip. Think of it as a process of elimination. The Bengals aren’t likely to eat any contracts in the middle of the season, and the Lions already made their play (dumping Millen), so I think Lewis and Marinelli are safe at least through the season. Childress, at the helm of an extremely inconsistent club, has been under a lot of criticism. But the Browns have been one of the season’s biggest disappointments, and Crennel isn’t getting

Williamson: It’s Philips in Dallas. Of the head coaches on the hot seat, he’s the one blessed with the most talented roster and cursed with the owner who is most heavily invested. Plus, the Cowboys already have a successor waiting in the wings in Garrett, who is destined to land the job eventually. Rarely am I in favor of a team making a move like this during the season, but in Dallas’ case, it would be the right call.


Don Banks ( gives Wade an 80% chance of getting fired

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1. Wade Phillips, Dallas — I don’t care how many “emphatically no’s” Jerry Jones issues when asked about Phillips’ job security, no one’s butt is roasting on a larger griddle than the Cowboys head coach’s. At 4-3, Dallas has already matched last year’s regular-season loss total, and given it was pretty much Super Bowl or bust for Phillips in 2008, it’s not too difficult to discern where this one might be headed. Especially when you consider that Phillips’ successor — Jason Garrett — has already been chosen and is on hand as offensive coordinator.

The way the Cowboys seemed to lay down for Phillips in St. Louis last Sunday is the most ominous sign of all. Even without injured starting quarterback Tony Romo, Dallas has too much talent to let anyone administer a beating like that. It looks like Phillips’ easy-hand-on-the-wheel style is just not the right fit for this headline-loving Cowboys team.

• Pink slip potential: 80 percent.

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This shouldn’t be happening

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Poor Jason WittenThe Cowboys have as many losses this year thru 7 games (3) as they had all thru last year’s regular season. This team has the most talent in the league, 13 Cowboys made the Pro Bowl last year. There are monkey’s in NASA who could coach better than Wade Phillips

Cowlishaw: “Loss should be Wade Phillips’ last with Dallas Cowboys”

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Tim Cowlishaw writes, “What has been gathering steam for a month reached something of a crescendo as the Cowboys played by far their worst game of the Wade Phillips era. And frankly, it should be the last game of the Phillips era, but Jones made it clear afterward that there will be no coaching changes made…..” Link to full article


Don Banks of CNNSI knew Wade was an idiot last spring

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Don Banks CNNSI, April 2, 2008 after meeting with coaches, including Wade Phillips

Phillips drew a lot of heat late last season and after the playoff loss, and deservedly so. He seemed a bit tone deaf when it came to his team and its less-than-rousing head of momentum heading into the playoffs, and he seemed to make excuses for its underachievement afterward, trying to cling to the ridiculous notion that earning a first-round bye equated to winning their first playoff game.

And after listening to him Wednesday, I’m still not sure Phillips gets it. He was back making the same basic points that won him some derision after the loss to the Giants. Asked about the Cowboys having an NFL-high 13 Pro Bowl players last season, but no playoff wins to show for it, Phillips again sounded more defensive than disappointed about last season.

“Well, we did go to the division round of the playoffs,” Phillips pointed out. “And the team we lost to, I think did well in the playoffs. I think our players, a lot of them played up to their potential, which ended up with them making the Pro Bowl. And our team was good overall, certainly during the regular season.

“But you’ve got to be there [in the playoffs]. You’ve got to be there, and if you’re there every year, you have a chance. Hopefully we can continue this process. You know, we lost one game by four points [against the Giants] and we were down there at the end of the game a couple times, to a team that certainly won it all. I’m proud of last year’s team, but we think we can do better this year.”

They’d better. I’ve said this before, but if the Cowboys don’t win at least one playoff game, and maybe two, Phillips can just about count on having yet another NFL address in 2009. Dallas owner Jerry Jones has been supportive this off season, but he wouldn’t have any choice but to lower the boom on Phillips and begin the Jason Garrett head coaching era if this season brings another one-and-done playoff showing.


This guy had it right, when they HIRED Wade Phillips

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Dallas Cowboys Hire Wade Phillips? What, Bum Phillips Wasn’t Available?

“now Wade Phillips? The same Wade Phillips who flopped in Denver and Buffalo? Yes, that Wade Phillips. The one who benched Doug Flutie in favor of Rob “Paper or Plastic” Johnson, the most sacked Quarterback of all time based on sacks per pass attempt. The guy known more as the son of former Houston Oilers Head man O.E. “Bum” Phillips and the Coach on the other sideline when the Tennessee Titans pulled off the Music City Miracle a few years back.”

“If Jerry Jones was determined to hire a retread, why not Dom Capers or Mike Sherman? Those guys, Capers anyway, may be has-beens, but Wade Phillips is a never-was as a Head Coach. His record is barely above .500 with a postseason mark of 0-3. Just the cure for what ails Cowboy fans after struggling to make the playoffs (did you say playoffs?) the last few seasons. Then Parcells gets to the playoffs a couple of times and loses. That’s the ticket. Replace a Hall of fame Coach with a guy who has never won a playoff game as a Head Coach. The Charger team he served as defensive coordinator lost in the first round of the playoffs. Speaking of which, Jim Mora, Sr. would have been a better choice than Wade Phillips. And a whole lot more entertaining in the press conferences. At least Wade’s daddy Bum had a few down home sayings like “Earl Campbell may not have been in a class by himself, but it sure didn’t take long to call roll.” Wade is as dull as Tom Landry, but not nearly as successful.”  Link to the original story