Top 5: Reasons For Optimism About The Texans Defense

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1) Wade Phillips’ defenses typically are very solid.

While the Texans were a bad defense all-around last year, they were especially bad against the pass. Kareem Jackson was given a baptism by fire as a starting cornerback, Bernard Pollard is purely a run-stopper, and Eugene Wilson vied with Troy Nolan to see who could be the worst starting safety in the NFL. Completed Hail Marys, last second comebacks, and tipped passes that landed in the hands of opponents were among the comedy of errors that this defense had allowed to happen. By Football Outsiders DVOA ratings, the Texans were roughly 37% worse than the average NFL defense against the pass.

Wade Phillips has had a long and prestigious career as a defensive coordinator, but the consistency is what is most alarming when you look at his statistical record.. Up until last season, Phillips’ Cowboys had ranked as an average or above unit against both the run and the pass all three years that he’d coached them. In fact, other than his 1994 season in Denver, his 2003 season in Atlanta, and last year in Dallas, Phillips has put together an average or above-average defense by Football Outsiders’ DVOA in every season he’s coached that we have advanced statistics for. That’s 14 of 17 seasons. Including every season that he started anew with a team. In 13 of those 17, the teams that he’s coached have been average or better at pass defense specifically, meaning he should be able to improve the biggest weakness the Texans have.

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Tips for renting your house out for the Super Bowl

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If you want to make some extra cash for your family vacation and you live anywhere near the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, you can try renting out your house for the Superbowl. Fans of the NFL are eager to travel to see the game, so you will have plenty of people wanting to rent out your house.

If this is the route that you want to take, here are a few tips to help prepare you for renting your house.

Tip One: Hire cleaners

It’s best for all involved if you hire a cleaner to come through and clean the house before the guests arrive. This will give both you and the guests a bench mark by which to measure how clean the house should be when the guests give it back. If the guests are staying longer then a few days,  consider having a cleaning crew come through half way, as well as after they guests are done. This will ensure that the house is cleaned before you come back, as well as give you an extra pair of eyes to measure how well the guests are treating and have treated the house.

Tip Two: Keep private things private

I have read one suggestion that states that you shouldn’t keep private things locked away, because it makes people curious about what you have. However, my tip is to keep valuable things plus family photos locked in a small safe, but leave a note stating what is in there. This will curb any curiosity, as well as keep your valuable items safe. Things like bank books, deeds to homes and cars, and confidential business papers should be kept off site, such as at a friends or neighbors house.

Tip Three: Plan for your guests

If you’re renting your house out for the Superbowl, then you should leave items relating to the game in the house. Make a note of which team the guests support, and dress the house up in those colors. Supporters flags can be bought for cheap and they will make the house seem open and friendly. Make a map with the easiest walking or driving directions to Cowboy Stadium, as well as how long it will take to get there. If the guests are new to Texas, leave a list of restaurants and take away joints near your house.

Tip Four: Breakages

Football fans are an enthusiastic bunch, so make sure you have noted that there is to be no football playing in the house. Guests will treat your house the same way that they will treat their own, but sometimes excitement gets the better of people. Asking for a breakage deposit is a good idea, but note that you will have to go through the hassle of returning it if nothing is damaged. Leave your contact details so the guests can get in touch with you if something accidentally gets broken, so you can tell them the cost of a new one or the costs to repair it.

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Jim Mora (jr) says CUT Mike Jenkins

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Certainly, most football minds would agree the Dallas Cowboys have more issues than a mid-season change at head coach will remedy. Needless to say, every aspect of the 1-7 Cowboys and new interim coach Jason Garrett is now under the microscope.

Former NFL coach and current NFL Network analyst Jim Mora has a very strong opinion on where Garrett should start. After watching the 45-7 loss to the Packers, Mora didn’t hold back his criticism of CB Mike Jenkins for his lack of effort on this 7-yard touchdown reception by James Jones .

“To me, this is high treason,” Mora said. “An NFL football player does not turn down a play like that. And if I’m Jason Garrett, the first thing that I’m doing when I take over as the head coach of this team, is I’m getting guys like that — number 21, who absolutely committed treason, let his team down by passing up a tackle and let the ball get in the end zone — I’m taking him and I’m getting him out of my locker room.”

Mora had more to say when asked by Brian Billick about what he would do in Garrett’s shoes.

“I’d take (No.) 21 and get him out of my locker room,” Mora continued. “Guys who are not willing to lay it on the line for me and my football team, for this organization, I identify them and I either try to change them quickly, and if I don’t think I can change them, I try to get rid of them.”

At least Mora didn’t leave us guessing as to how he really felt.